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Application process

The MU Accelerator is all about quality projects that bring long-term value to the world and most importantly to the Mutariuum Universe community. Projects that want to be considered for the voting process need to first apply at the Mutariuum Universe website. After an application is completed, the MU Accelerator core team will take a look at the application and decide if they want to meet the team behind the project. It is important to know that teams that are not doxxed will not be considered for the program. After the application review and meeting, the MU Accelerator core team will decide if the project will be added to the voting system. With this process, the MU Accelerator is filtering out any projects that might look suspicious.
There is no limit to how many times a project can apply for the program but it is important to know that after being admitted once, the same project cannot apply again. Any project that attempts to will be immediately rejected.
A project being rejected in the past will not lower its chances to get accepted in the future. Unless there were major red flags found during the first application process. If that is not the case, seeing great progress on the project can increase the chances of being accepted for the voting process.