Game mechanics

Note: Because of gas fees and limitations of the blockchain. Calculations, algorithms, and less important data for Mutariuum Universe will be running and stored off-chain. The important data will be stored on-chain.
As a whole, Mutariuum Universe is a real-time strategy game with a turn-based combat system where 5 Factions have the same goal of controlling as much of the map as possible. This can be done by taking over neutral Land or fighting for Land that is currently under another Faction’s control. The more Land a Faction controls, the more Tokens they earn from taxes that are paid by Landowners. Citizens work in businesses provided by Landowners to earn Tokens and in return pay Rent to the Landowner. Landowners can use Tokens to upgrade businesses that enable Citizens to earn more Tokens. Citizens and Faction Members can use Tokens to evolve. Evolving will raise the level of the Character and increase the number of Tokens earned. Factions must use their Tokens to enhance working and fighting conditions. Enhancing working conditions increases the Tokens gained by the territory the Faction controls.
The infographic below gives the general idea of the game and the game mechanics in it.
General game description