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The Story

The Mutariuum Universe takes place on Earth in the year 3137. Technological developments and innovations over the millennium have led to the adoption of Dr. Taro Higashi's principles of the mutated continuum. Higashi has given humans the ability to become stronger and evolve by combining human DNA with animal DNA. As a result, the majority of the population now has slight animalistic features and cybernetic body modifications.
With most of the world's land and resources dried up, Carver City is one of the few remaining gigapolises along the coast that is still thriving. The aristocratic Carver family attempts to maintain control over the city and its Citizens with their privatized military and police force. All the while, various criminal Factions make their play for the throne.
While humans continue to evolve, the state of the planet continues to decline. Economic strife and crime are at an all-time high. A resistance group has formed to take down the various puppet masters that play with the lives of the people. All the while a group that calls itself "naturalists" looks to a future where humans are preserved in their natural form and where DNA alterations are banned.
The criminal underworld is divided, each Faction looking to fund their wars through illegal activities, often preying on Carver City’s less fortunate. Carver City’s Citizens make up the majority of the population, just trying to make it through their everyday lives and put food on the table.
Your actions as a player will determine how Carver City will evolve. You can make your characters stand out and plays an important role in the city or simply exist and enjoy the various activities available. The players with their in-game actions and the Mutariuum Universe community with their text submissions will write the next chapters of this ever-evolving story.